About Us

In 1981, World Omni was established as the first captive finance company in America for an import car manufacturer. The company originates, underwrites, and services vehicle retail and lease contracts with consumers.

World Omni: A Record of Excellence


World Omni Financial Corp. was established as the first captive auto finance company in the United States for an import automaker.

First Lease

World Omni booked its first lease contract, a Toyota long bed truck from Toyota of Hollywood.


World Omni Commercial Fleet department is established.

Asset-Backed Securities

In an industry first, World Omni began to offer Asset-Backed Securities backed by Automotive Lease Receivables.


World Omni combined its servicing operation from multiple field branches into one facility located in Mobile. Ala.


World Omni created the Southeast Toyota Finance brand to offer better service and personalized support to the Southeast Toyota dealers.

St. Louis Center

World Omni’s National Customer Service Center opened in Earth City, Mo. helping to establish a greater national presence.


DataScan was acquired by World Omni after a 14-year partnership and continues to be an industry leader in wholesale floorplan accounting and risk management systems. World Omni funded its 1 millionth contract.

IBM Award

World Omni won the IBM Information on Demand Innovation Award.

Two Millionth Contract

World Omni funded its 2 millionth contract.


SET Finance launched eContracting at Toyota of Hollywood. World Omni funded its 3 millionth contract.

261,341 contracts

SET Finance funded 261,341 retail and lease contracts, the highest total in the company's history.